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The Brainfuse HelpNow whiteboard does not display well on smartphones due to the small size of the screen. HelpNow offers a Writing Lab to help students with organizational structure, fluency, and coherence of ideas and style. Create a personal account with a username and password on a desktop computer. Upload and send your paper to a tutor and receive feedback. The purpose of the service is not to write or edit papers but to help students better organize and present their thoughts. Go to your Message Centre to see the suggested changes.

You can expect to receive feedback within 24 hours. SkillSurfer includes lessons, quizzes and practice tests aligned with the Ontario curriculum to help students master academic concepts. Flashbulb allows you to create your own interactive learning games, quizzes and flashcards as study tools. Existing FlashBulbs created by other students may include content that is out of date.

You will need to create an account to use this section. Note that salary information and job listings are U. The survey after the homework help session is completely optional. It is used to gather feedback on the homework help provided.

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That reason, that call to serve the world in a bigger way, grounded me and pulled me on a magical path of healing, connecting, and blossoming! In the beginning, I got help. I got bodyworkers, healers, and teachers. I changed my thoughts. I allowed my emotions. I ate differently and got better supplements. I read books and I studied quantum healing. So I went to school for Massage and Reiki and began to study and practice healing for myself. The more I helped others, the better I felt. I went on to start my own business, Body Temple Healing, where I helped thousands of people heal from pain and discover the next steps in their own life purpose.

The more people I helped, the more awakened I became to all that was happening on on the planet as well. As much as I loved massage, I also longed to reach more people and to make a bigger impact. So, I started taking a LOT of business training courses and began speaking and mentoring others about healing, and how they could reach more people with their own healing messages.

I also produced workshops for some amazing speakers. In doing these events I was able to utilize both my producing skills from TV and film and my healing capacities. It was fun and I knew I was ready to gather those amazing speakers together for one event… but what would it be?? I spent some more time listening to spirit and from that, Remembering Our Magic was born. Remembering Our Magic , this education series, will help YOU heal like I did, so that you too can step into the work you were destined to do.

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